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by ssamjh at 4:12 AM
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Hello all,

As many of you are aware, we were contacted by Mojang recently about changing our store and becoming EULA friendly, and if we didn't, we'd get blacklisted. So, of course, I agreed to make the changes in our store almost immediately to take the pressure off. I knew what could potentially happen.

After closely watching the profits in April, it really has been evident that changing the store to accompany the EULA had a massive side-effect. Now I am sure you don't want me to go into money and how much everything costs so I will keep it simple. We are not making enough to continue running the server without a loss. Simply put, we can't go on.

That is why I must tell everyone the bad news, MineSwine is shutting down. Our MC server will be taken offline around the 28-29th of May. The forums will remain online as they have been paid for at least a few more months in advance and the Discord server will remain.

This decision has not come lightly and I am sure you are all as...
by ssamjh at 6:34 PM
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Hello all,

This morning I woke up to an email from Mojang. This email was letting us know that we need to follow the EULA for our online store. This came as quite a shock but I sort of expected it would happen eventually.

The email explained that we need to make all server abide by the rules or there will be consequences. So I have spent the last few hours doing as much as I can to do make it so.

All directly purchasable items that give the purchaser any benefits have been removed from the store.

I would like to ask the community to NOT turn this into a "let's bash Mojang because they suck" thread. The EULA is a legally binding contract that all servers have to abide by. Mojang has every right to do what they are doing. It is their game, they can decide what they want to do with it.

Players should be warned that this change will negatively affect the servers income and it could lead to a potential shutdown of MineSwine.

Crate Key Drops!...​
by ssamjh at 2:31 PM
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Hey all,

As many of you may know, a while back one of our best community members left. I am talking about none other than @Sairento LuX. That was a huge loss to the community!

Anyway, I was very surprised last night when they asked me if they could come back to the community. So it's time to announce, @Sairento LuX is back, baby!

Everyone, I think a warm welcome is in order!
by ssamjh at 4:30 AM
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Fire Crates


Hello all,

It has been a long time since we have had a forum-worthy update, but it's about time the community got something. This update has taken a much longer time than we expected (as usual) so I am glad we are finally about to get it out! I would like to thank our entire staff team for helping get this update out!

This update is the first of a few that we are planning to release in the next few months. This update we are focusing on features, the following will be slowly but surely fixing all the small issues and reworking a significant portion of our current system.

We have a lot of new things for our players to explore. So let's get into the details!

Pets were something that you all saw a long time...
by ssamjh at 1:15 PM
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Hey all.

With the 1.13 update around the corner, I thought I should offer some insight into how we are going to handle the update.

As a lot of you may or may not know, 1.13 contains massive changes to pretty much everything. They are doing this so that they can increase the block limit and make adding new features to the game easy and painless.

Unfortunately, this means that pretty much everything will break. Normally after each major update, we can just throw ViaVersion on and it's good to go, but I fear that it may be a little different this time around. But it is for the best.

What we are going to focus on is upgrading everything on our end to 1.13 as soon as possible. That will mean that the server is 1.13 only after we make the switch, but it should be smooth sailing after we have done that. But until we make this change, you will have to downgrade and use 1.12 so everything works properly.

I hope that clears everything up, feel free to ask me questions below :)
by ssamjh at 4:11 PM
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Whew, I haven't posted here for a bit but anyway we have some changes that need to be heard!

We are planning to make some major changes to how weapons are handled in JediCraft. This means that some of your weapons may become invalid and unable to be sold after the changes are made.

The items that plan on being changed are as followed:

> All blaster pistols
> All melee weapons, (including lightsabers, we know they can't be sold, sorry)
> Jetpacks
> All grenades

These changes will allow us to add more content into the game! So please take the time now to sell all these items so you do not lose them.

Love from the staff team.
by flogic at 6:31 PM
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What? What do you mean it has been eight months since the first weekly update?

Euhm welcome back to the mineswine update; I'm your host GamerKing195 believe it or not I still have access to post on the forums. JediCraft has been the leading game at mineswine since MineWars fell off years ago, and while we don't yet have the resources to make MineWars, we do have the resources to make substantial improvements to JediCraft.

First and foremost we've been in beta for over half a year now which was not intentional, but there's a lot of things that need to change for us to fully release JediCraft so here's an outline of our roadmap as of now.

- As of now the backend of JediCraft is quite messy so to get anything done we (Myself and @FalseHonesty) will be cleaning everything up, from a player point of view you'll likely be seeing some slight quality of life changes throughout the next week or so.
- Once we're in a state to begin progressing, we'll go through...
by BryceBAM at 5:56 PM
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Attachments Pre-Release

Attachments are coming! They are taking a while, but we thought we should give you a taste while you wait for the full release. So, we decided to release all blaster rifle attachments. We plan to have attachments for every gun type later. Use the fancy attachment station to add some power to your guns. The attachment station can be found next to crates in spawn. For this beta release of attachments, you can only obtain them through epic crates. Guns with attachments on them will not drop on death. This is to keep them rare until the full release when they will be more accessible and be available by other means.​

Attachments Details
- A single gun can only have up to two attachments.
- There can only be one attachment in each slot.
- If a gun is crafted with another attachment, current attachment(s) are removed. To use two attachments, both must be added at the same time.
- Each...
by BryceBAM at 9:11 PM
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The Grenade Update

A simple but hype-worthy update: We now have grenades! The thermal detonator, smoke grenade, bacta grenade, and a custom spectral grenade have been added. You can have up to two grenades in your hotbar, but you can't have two of the same.


Thermal Detonator

The thermal detonator is a grenade-like weapon that debuted in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. The explosion is powerful and can severely damage those who are hit directly. It will be good for taking out close groups. The thermal detonator is available under Melee & Utility for 3500 credits....​
by BryceBAM at 3:04 AM
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The Jetpack Update
The title should be enough to get you JC players hyped. Jetpacks are back from the dead! :eek: Use them to escape a tough situation or just to navigate the rough terrain! It negates fall damage, so jump from above and surprise your enemies! The jetpack is available in the weapon shop under the Melee & Utility section for 20,000 credits. Fuel cells are available in the ammunition shop.

The jetpack's usage is based on its usage in Star Wars: Battlefront, where it is meant for getting a small height advantage or charging into/out of a fight. It is not meant for long distance travel.​

Note that this is an alpha release of the jetpack and it is highly subject to change.


[FONT=Times New...​